Extra Thick Gymnastics Crash Mat

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All Rounder Gymnastics Mats are perfect for your gymnast for home or garden use, ideal for inside or outside practice. Available in blue or red. Our Extra Thick Crash Mats are perfect to use underneath our Bars or Beams to ensure safety for your gymnast. They measure 1.4 metres in length and a 10cm in depth. They are suitable for bar and beam work providing a soft landing mat for any falls. They can also be used at the end of a tumbling routine to land on. Our panel mats can be connected together for longer tumbling work. The Extra Thick Crash Mats can be stored in tight spaces. Our Extra Thick crash mat is used by Gymnastics and Dance Clubs across the UK.

Product Features

The All Rounder Gymnastics Extra Thick Crash Mat extends to 1.4m and is 0.85m wide. Crucially with a depth of 10cm it provides an ultra soft surface to ensure any falls from a bar or beam are cushioned with the deep foam within the mat. The Extra Thick crash mat goes perfectly with any of our bars or beams providing a safe landing or fall area:-

  • 1.4m long x 0.85m wide x 10cm deep
  • Designed by high level Gymnasts
  • Can be stored easily, is waterproof and can be wiped down
  • Blue or red in colour
  • Used by Gymnastic and Dance Clubs