Gymnastics Folding Beam - 10ft

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The 10ft Folding Beam (3.05 metres long) provides young gymnasts with a great opportunity to practise their beam moves but at floor level, stopping any chance of injury. Our 10ft Folding Beam is made of firm foam and folds in the middle for easy storage. The beam is very lightweight allowing children to be able to move at their ease. Young gymnasts can practise various moves on this foam beam at floor level giving parents peace of mind they are not falling from any height.

Product Features

The All Rounder Gymnastics 10ft Folding Foam Beam is 12ft (3.66m) long and 10cm wide (Olympic Beam width). Made of firm EVA foam it is the perfect tool to practise moves at floor level in a safe environment. The beam folds in half to store at just 6ft making it perfect for the bedroom, house or garden:-

  • 305cm (10ft) long x 10cm wide
  • Designed by high level Gymnasts
  • Made from firm EVA foam ensuring a beam like feel
  • Pink colour